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Hit-or-Miss hits 1000

Hit or Miss

Hit-or-Miss hits 1000

Hit-or-Miss hits 1000. Hooray for an entirely arbitrary milestone of entries. Maybe I’d be a little more excited if I didn’t feel like my site was total shit lately. Enough of this pointless navel gazing, where are the links? The reason why I do this site is so that I can keep track of interesting sites and articles so I can find them later. But lately I’ve been passing up blogging just about everything I read online because “everyone else” has already linked it. That’s not doing me any good.

I’m feeling pretty shitty about my personal life too. I could pour out so much more bile and sturm und drang on these pages, but there’s no reason to make this site completely negative.

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1. 1000? Congratulations!

2. Your site is amazing.

3. I know what you mean about the “already linked” syndrome. I’m even worse. If I read other people’s posts before I write my own, I find I don’t want to write anything. I mean, everyone else is saying much more interesting stuff and doing a better job of it, so what could I possibly have to add? Of course, that’s not the point. I didn’t start doing my stuff to add to an online discussion. Sometimes that happens and that’s great, but it’s not why I do it.

Which is to say that you’re right: that kind of thinking doesn’t do any good. I believe if you feel something is interesting enough that you want to share it, you should go ahead and do it.

Richard | 13 Jun 2001

One other thing: I find that I do the same thing that you’re saying, and then I regret it later. If I remember blogging something, it’s easier to find it by doing a quick search of my site. But if I didn’t blog it because everyone else did, then I’m in trouble.

Also, it makes you feel better if you know that you blogged some site that someone else mentions months later.

Bill | 13 Jun 2001

Hey, I *like* the personal foo. Makes this page more human.

Jason | 14 Jun 2001

I’m with Jason on this one. I don’t visit every weblog and journal on my list for the links. Some sites that I visit are exclusively linky. Others I read like diaries, specifically for the personal bits. And many more fall somewhere in the mix, like yours. It’s all good; it’s just different.
Admittedly, I have the benefit of a diary area where I can vent my sturm und drang and then leave my weblog a little lighter and less personal. Have you tried or considered splitting your publishing into multiple areas? Would that help *you*?

Casey | 18 Jun 2001