Hit or Miss

Pic of the moment.

This is the awful carpet from the conference hotel I stayed in last week. We heard that it was a special design intended to create “flow through” and aleve congestion during crowded conferences. Sure — it made you walk fast over it so you didn’t have to look at it. Just make sure you don’t look down or you’ll be struck with vertigo.

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Hmm..I kind of like it. In the right room, mind you. As an area rug. I’m thinking of an Aarino ball chair and a bubble chair, maybe some Eames bookshelves . . .

Charles | 12 Jun 2001

And don’t forget the cyclozine!

Vis10n | 12 Jun 2001

i’ve become sleepless just by imagining people with two different shoes walking through this carpet… since then i need pills to sleep!!!!!!!!!!

pablo | 9 Jun 2002