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Hit or Miss

I’m back from a conference in Green Bay, and as usual when I go out of town, my server went dead while I was unable to check on it (I need to keep an eye on the size of my /var partition).

I met a nice guy at the conference. I was going to ask him out for drinks, but he had to leave early to go back to a meeting at his college. Rats. Still, I was floating on Cloud 9 even to have the chance to just talk to a such nice, cute guy. I really need to move out of Kirksville.

I also had the chance to watch a little HBO in my hotel room and have decided that I simply must call my cable company after I move into my new apartment: Sex and the City and Six Feet Under (love that scruffy Peter Krause) are wonderful. I’ll probably subscribe to Showtime also so I can watch Queer as Folk.

Favorite Meal: Blue cornmeal-crusted rainbow trout with guacamole and lemon cream sauce over a bed of black beans with fresh sauteed fresh vegetables at the Titletown Brewing Company.

I also had some absolutely fabluous cream soda at another restaurant, and drove around to a couple of stores in the area so I could find some to bring back. Since it’s only brewed in Milwaukee, I can’t wait to go back to Green Bay in November and drink some more.

Purchased: Thanks to a coupon in my conference material, I got a free gift pack and 15% off my purchase at the Bath and Body Works (can you believe they don’t have a website?), so I bought some Wintermint & Lemon grass and Cedarwood & Clary Sage linen sprays. They’re heavenly. Just a few squirts and it’s like falling asleep out on warm, grassy knoll.