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GREASE is the word

Hit or Miss

GREASE is the word

GREASE is the word. I auditioned today for a community theatre production of GREASE — the first time I’ve stepped on a stage in over 4 years. Though I can’t even remotely see myself wearing a black leather jacket, I could very well end up doing just that since they really seemed to like my singing and acting (and because there were only a handful of other guys there).

All I have to say is that the script is the corniest piece of writing I’ve seen in a long time. The original stage show is quite different from the movie.

Update: I’ve been asked to come to the callbacks Monday night.

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WOOHOO! Right on, Matt!

Jason | 11 Jun 2001

Congrats, Matt… go get ’em!

Vis10n | 11 Jun 2001

Hooray! Break legs!

Mark Bakalor | 11 Jun 2001

Way to go Matt! I just completed my own little stint in community theater this Spring after years of non-performing and it’s just so much more fun than work. Wahoo!

Eric | 11 Jun 2001