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Hit or Miss

Has anyone used a Diamond Mako or a device using the EPOC OS? My local Staples only has a non-functioning model sitting out on their display counter, so I can’t test it out for myself.

I’m tempted to switch from my Palm because of the keyboard, but I’d worry about the lack of accessories and 3rd-party applications. Also, with wireless internet about to explode onto the scene, maybe I should wait and buy whatever the next big thing is… (of course, whatever it is it probably won’t be supported out here in the boonies — I’d buy a Palm VIIx except that the PalmNet service doesn’t extend out here).

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Hey Matt, check out these keyboards for palms.

Dave Adams | 5 Jun 2001

Yeah, the G300 clip-on keyboard is nice, but I don’t want to have to carry any add-on accessories with me — that’s why I like the Mako/Psion integrated keyboard (and the whole thing is only slightly larger than a Palm).

Matt | 5 Jun 2001

I guess that I don’t understand the allure of the keyboard… my Palm isn’t (for me) an I/O device, as much as an interface to my portable database of everything important to me. The occassional information I actually need to input when I’m away from my computer is not enough to bother me.

Vis10n | 5 Jun 2001

Doesn’t anyone just use paper calendars anymore? No attachments necessary: pre-assembled and ready for use! Problem solved!;

Bertie | 6 Jun 2001

I love paper calendars… for my walls. But my Palm isn’t just a calendar, it’s a complete personal database… everything from my FedEx account number, to my friends favorite brand of chocolate. Calendars are just too one-dimensional (beautiful as they may be).

Vis10n | 6 Jun 2001

I am using my Diamond Mako in place of my Laptop for doing my work on the internet. My columns and stories are written where ever I happen to have a minute because there is no boot-up unlike a laptop. I can also use all my databases for reference. Text-wise, this handheld does everything my laptop does and it’s always in my pocket ready to go. I find myself being more productive because I can write when the mood strikes, where it strikes instead of OK, I’m at the office, I HAVE to be creative NOW!

Greg | 11 Aug 2001