Hit or Miss

“The Producers” sets the record with 12 Tonys

The Producers” sets the record with 12 Tonys. The Tony Awards were their usual mixed bag, the highlight being the cast performances from The Full Monty and A Class Act (which I’m listening to again right now). After watching all the excerpts, those were the 2 shows I most wanted to go see (and in any other year, they would have duked it out for the top awards).

And The Producers? I got the cast recording from Amazon two weeks ago and I still haven’t even unwrapped it. It’s just not the type of show I’ve been in the mood to listen to.

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So what did you think of Mel Brook’s antics? My take? “Ew…”

Vis10n | 4 Jun 2001

Oops, Brian. You’re right. I had .com instead of .org — it’s fixed now.

Matt | 4 Jun 2001