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The future of Web Queeries

Hit or Miss

The future of Web Queeries

The future of Web Queeries. With Blogger acting so unreliably lately, I’m finally tempted to look at other ways of running Web Queeries (but I’ll keep my Blogger/XML tutorials up). Though I think I’ve got a pretty sweet PHP/MySQL system set up for Hit or Miss, I’ve been wanting to check out Greymatter.

Any thoughts? Or is this all moot? Does anyone even care about Web Queeries anymore?

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Mark has done some successful experimenting with greymatter for group blogs, and it’s pretty swell. I’d say go for it.

dlevy | 2 Jun 2001

I’ve bitten the bullet and registered webqueeries.com. I’ve also spent the evening writing little PHP scripts to help me transform all the old Blogger-produced archives into SQL statements to put them into a database (I played with Greymatter for a little while, but I didn’t think it would be able to do what I am envisioning).

I’ve keep WQ as part of hit-or-miss for a long time (because I liked that it drove traffic to my site), but I think it’s time to set it free and expand its scope beyond the blogger in-crowd. Maybe (do I dare say?) it can become the “Queer Metafilter.”

Matt | 3 Jun 2001

Just a thought, but given the template-style system that greymatter uses, you’d be able to adapt the current XML parsing to a new GM ‘blog, I’d say. I actually suggested something like this in the GM forums but I don’t think the public wanted to hear it. I love greymatter, it’s great, but it’s not ideal for those of us on finicky servers. If the server dies in the middle of a rebuild you’re left with a mess that and you’re just better off re-installing GM and starting from scratch. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one Blogger has been acting up for. 😉

Cov | 3 Jun 2001