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Moulin Rouge

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Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge. What a delight! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such a theatrical, musical, and especially colorful film (maybe Dick Tracy?). I loved the frenetic pace and change of moods, but my friends were a little mysterified by the whole experience.

I’ve been groovin to the soundtrack for two weeks and loved all of the anachronistic music, but the rest of the audience clearly wasn’t expecting to hear some of these songs — and their laughter was quite distracting (especially in serious moments like “El Tango de Roxanne”). I just wish more of the music performed by the film cast was on the soundtrack (for example, the “Show must go on” sequence). I’ll definitely pick this up on DVD when it’s released.

I’ve been trying to track down info on my favorite song from the film, “Come What May” (so I could listen to whoever originally recorded it), but I finally discovered it’s a new song written for the film.

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I have to agree. This movie is so unconventional in the way it tells the story, but it is very effective. My heartstrings were really yanked. I thought the age of the audience really effected reactions. Teens really don’t understand the genious of using “like a virgin. They don’t know it as a popculture mainstay, like the peeps in my generation. I am so now in love with Ewan, and Nicole totally earned her acting props.

John | 2 Jun 2001

I am not at all surprised, Matt, that you liked this movie- it is in the musical theater genre, after all! I am glad that some things never change!

Bertie | 4 Jun 2001

I loved the movie as well. I am on a quest for a copy of the score to listen to. I have the soundtrack, but there are crucial songs missing. If you know where I can purchase the motion picture score I would be most appreciative.

Jessica | 12 Oct 2001