Hit or Miss

You know you’re a geek when…

I’ve been in my temporary summer digs for 5 days and I’m still eating TV dinners off of the one plate I fished out from my box of kitchen supplies, but my computer and all its peripheral devices (and, of course, my Tivo) are all set up.

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Hi Matt-
I have not written in a long time- just wanted you to know I am still out here and glad you are doing well. Nah, you are not a geek- you just enjoy eating off the same plate.

Ellen | 19 May 2001

“I’m not one; I only _speak_ geek.”

Vis10n | 20 May 2001

LOL….I can relate. I’ve moved twice and also moved furniture and the computer floor to floor in my house trying to find the most convenient location for it. Each time, it doesn’t matter what else was disassembled around the house, the computer was up first. Sleeping on the floor again? “yeah, but I had to get the computer up…I was a day behind in e-mail!”

mattee | 21 May 2001