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Online ads that roam the screen

Online ads that roam the screen. Not content to simply insert epileptic seizure inducing strobing banner ads, web sites are now turning to web animations that take over the screen and push their products with sounds and animation. They’re called “shoshkeles” (here’s a gallery of examples), and they’re probably the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen (although the Intel example is kind of cute).

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Ironic that “shoshkeles” sounds/looks a lot like “tchotchkes”… useless trash that at first amuses, but then only annoys.

Vis10n | 26 Apr 2001

I saw a Coke ad crawl across Ask Jeeves the other day. It made me want to drink a Coca Cola.

Anil Dash | 26 Apr 2001

My “favorite” of those in their gallery is the ad for Showtime that puts a Tyson PPV offer on top of an encyclopedia entry for “boxing day”. Egads, someone please put a human in the process.

TheBrad | 26 Apr 2001

That is indeed the most obnoxious thing I have ever seen on the web! That’s horrible! If I’m trying to find certain information, I don’t want to have to watch an ad to get it. If I wanted ads, I’d turn on the tv. This is worse than some push media.

Jason | 27 Apr 2001