Hit or Miss

Look ma, no tables.

That’s right. This site is completely rendered with Cascading Style Sheets now. It looks like crap in Netscape 4, but I don’t care — users can still read the text of the page. I owe it all to the layout examples at bluerobot.com.

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Sweet! It looks very nice, Matt. I’m glad to see more CSS layouts popping up on my links list. Maybe it will be just like fashion clothing … everything the homos are doing this season will be what everyone else is doing next season. We can only hope!

Ron | 23 Apr 2001


Jason | 23 Apr 2001

Wow, looks awesome, Matt. Keep up the good work.

Dave Adams | 23 Apr 2001

Go Matt!

Neale | 23 Apr 2001

Muy bueno.

Jerry | 24 Apr 2001

Isn’t it great changing one file and suddenly the whole site’s beautified, lol

PJ | 25 Apr 2001

It’s the best yet, Matt! I wouldn’t say it looks like *crap* in Netscape 4 (which we’re stuck with at work) — the words are indeed there — but it
certainly ain’t nearly as purty as the real thing. I hope to take this as the final inspiration for me to get up off my lazy butt and learn to do CSS properly, ’cause I think if I have to juggle another table or font tag I’m going to stick my head in the blender.

Chuck | 25 Apr 2001