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I am a pariah.

Hit or Miss

I am a pariah.

I went to the dentist today for the first time in about a year and a half (my mommy used to set up all of that kind of stuff for me). The verdict is that I have some early gingivitis and that I need to get two fillings in my upper back molars. I know that millions of Americans suffer from gum disease, but I still feel very guilty and that I’m a bad person because of it. I am a leper.

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Ohfercryinoutloud! Look, unless you devote your waking hours to dental hygeine, I’m convinced you’re going to come down with *something.* It’s just inevitable.

Jason | 24 Apr 2001

O ye unclean!! Seriously though, I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m the son of a dentist,
and I have a mouth full of fillings, impacted
wisdom teeth and occasional gingivitis. If anybody
should be a leprous dental pariah, it should be me.
As long as you don’t end up with really nasty smelly
periodontal disease, when your teeth start looking like horse teeth
and then start falling out, you’ll be okay. Brush well around
those molars, though. Food trap city!

Chuck | 25 Apr 2001