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Hit or Miss

While everyone else I know was outside enjoying the sunny weather, I spent all afternoon trying out the CSS page formatting tutorials at glish.com and bluerobot.com and looking at the results in IE, Netscape, and Opera. I just couldn’t get my sample redesigns to work in all browers. But seeing as how my server stats say that the 90% of my visitors use IE, maybe I shouldn’t be so worried…

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Actually it takes quite a lot of people to produce anything worth while that you’ll see on TV or at the movies. The tools used to make special effects are extremely complicated and slow, and people are more or less specialist in specific areas. It’s like a production line at a car manufacture. Sure one guy can build a car, but how long will that take. With multiple production studios working together things get done a lot faster so people can enjoy their what ever every week or go to the movies and see those incredible special effects.

Jeremy Pearson | 22 Apr 2001