Hit or Miss

Bless this couple.

Two of my best friends from grad school, Chad and Susan, are getting married next Saturday, April 21. I would have gone to the wedding if we weren’t in the middle of hiring and campus visit season right now (so far, we have one new Hall Director for next year and 2 more offers soon to go out).

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On Easter? Is that common? I would think people would try to avoid getting married on major holidays to prevent forcing guests to make hard choices…

dlevy | 15 Apr 2001

Oops. I got the date wrong. It’s next week, not today (I changed the weblog entry above).

Matt | 15 Apr 2001

You might want to edit it one more time… “Today my friends are getting married next Saturday.” Tee hee. 🙂

dlevy | 16 Apr 2001

You’re correct. Egg on my face.

Matt | 16 Apr 2001