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NBC finishes off First Years

Hit or Miss

NBC finishes off First Years

NBC finishes off First Years. Figures. All it takes is for me to decide I like a show and it immediately gets cancelled.

Besides, had it actually stayed on, what would they have called the show next year?

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I think they would’ve called it Saved By The Bell.

Bill | 10 Apr 2001

From the teeny bit I saw of the show, I’d say you’re much better off trying to track down copies of the vastly superior British show on which it’s based, “This Life.” Even though the gay character on the British version disappeared after a while, the show did a much better job with him than NBC ever would have — a cottaging scandal, coming out to his family, an affair with a bisexual bike messenger who took his place on the show. It was good.

Sparky | 10 Apr 2001

A cottaging scandal? [google] Oh, homosexual liaisons in public toilets.

Here I thought it was something to do with a summer lease.

Dan Hartung | 15 Apr 2001

NBC didn’t even give this show a chance. I found the episode dealing with coming out to the parents to be well done, and I wish this series had been given a chance to find its feet.

Donald Martin | 21 May 2001