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Hit or Miss

The David and Peter Show… with Miriam. I finally got a chance to catch this great radio show on Thursday which Chuck recommended to me. It is truly the “Car Talk” of musical theatre, featuring obscure recordings, interviews, and theatre gossip. And the hosts are the most lovable, faggy show queens I’ve ever heard.

The only problem is that they’re on from 9-12 Pacific, which is a little late for me out here in the Central timezone. I wish that their broadcasts were archived, so I could listen to them at my leisure. Or, I wish there was an easy way to record web broadcasts for consumption at a later date (I’ve gotten way too spoiled by my TiVo).

I also wish that I either a) had a more comfortable chair or a couch in my computer room to sit on while listening to the show or b) could pipe the audio from my computer into my living room or bedroom. As great as it was to listen to their show, it just wasn’t too terribly convenient in a 3-hour stretch.

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Glad you enjoyed the show, Matt!

By the way, there is a card you can get (the brand name of which escapes me at the moment) which, when installed in your computer, will send a low-power FM broadcast within a range of about 100 feet to the frequency of your choice, so that you can listen to web broadcasts on any radio or stereo in your house. I’ll try to dig up a name and URL tomorrow.

Once you do that, you can tape radio shows the way I do — on my hi-fi VCR, using the auxiliary input (audio only) and the timer. Works great, and you can get up to 8 hours of good quality audio on a T-160 VHS cassette.

Chuck | 9 Apr 2001