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Hit or Miss

“Save the drama for your mama and push…” I finally got around to watching the first 2 episodes of Boot Camp, and I’m hopelessly hooked. I can’t imagine what the experience must actually be like. Even with all the cameras following people around and the breaks for MTV-style confessional tapings, the contestants are going through some really brutal physical challenges.

I’m cheering for Recruit Yaney, the “Gomer Pyle” of the bunch. I cracked up when he made that balloon poodle in the first episode — did he really think they’d let him bring a suitcase full of balloons to Boot Camp? I’m incensed at Recruit Meyer, the “evil” manipulator of the bunch. I’m also undeniably sexually attracted to him in a way that makes me despise myself. It will be interesting to see if anything is made of Recruit Brown‘s revelation of her homosexuality — the forums are already buzzing about it.

I’d kind of like to go on a reality show, but I don’t think I’ve seen one that matches my style yet. It would have to be something like Big Brother so a terribly nondescript person like me could get on and also favor brain over brawn and be set in lavish luxery like The Mole.

Update: How weird is it that a nominal presence like Recruit Coddington already has a fan page (katiecoddington.com) devoted to her?

Update: Okay, so maybe the experience wasn’t so serious afterall. After a contestant left voluntarily on the first day, the drill instructors recruited a new 16th player: Recruit Lemon, the little stuffed toy removed from Recruit Thompson‘s suitcase during check-in. The official Boot Camp website features behind the scenes footage of Recruit Lemon’s exploits.

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Would you have footage of tv’s funniest moment: When DI Rosenbum from Boot Camp bites into Yaney’s balloon poodle. Could you post it up on your site for download or somethin if you have it.

grimreefer | 23 Jun 2001