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Hit or Miss


EasyBib.com. Are you In a hurry and need to format books, journal articles, and electronic sources into MLA bibliographic citations for a paper? Just fill in the form and out will pop a perfect “Works Cited” page. Yes, this former librarian is tickled pink. Why didn’t I think of this?

For example, this page would be represented as:
Kingston, Matt. Hit or Miss. 22 Mar. 2001. Truman State University. 22 Mar. 2001 <http://www.hit-or-miss.org>.

They don’t, however, have an auto format for specific posts on a weblog. I may just have to write them and ask them to add that…

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Now *that’s* f***ing useful, especially since more and more people are doing research on the web. I love it.

Jason | 22 Mar 2001

Great idea, Matt, but the link doesn’t seem to work for me…

sheldon | 22 Mar 2001

okay now it works

sheldon | 23 Mar 2001

Hey omg
my computer wont even let me get to the stupid website just like u sheldon but its not even working! oh and jason ur hot!

Eminem | 4 Dec 2003