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Hit or Miss

How the hell did I manage to miss the fact that Ben Folds Five broke up last October?

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I missed this too. This is depressing news … I thought Ben Folds Five was one of the very best things to happen in pop music in the past 5 years.

Ron | 20 Mar 2001

It’s a sad thing. The bad members are each working on their own individual projects, but given what I’ve heard of Ben’s individual work, I prefer the whole band’s balance.

However, if they really were creatively sapped, maybe this is a good thing, sad as it may seem.

DaveAdams | 20 Mar 2001

I heard about it back in late October. Very sad very very sad.

Everything’s happy underground.

Brian | 20 Mar 2001

He moved to Adelaide, Oz. Which, for those of you in the US, is nowhere near Sydney. About 1500ks away. Bastard.

Neale | 21 Mar 2001