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Hit or Miss

Maybe Kirksville isn’t so bad afterall. They’ve opened a new Radio Shack in town. Be still my beating heart.

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And I see their store locator is powered by Know-Where Systems (a Bakalor family business!)… 🙂

Mark Bakalor | 19 Mar 2001

mmm.. I love the fresh smell of electronics in the morning! Radio Shack is weird though. It’s kinda like a Twilight Zone of retail. I always feel a bit creepy when I go there, don’t you?

Steve | 19 Mar 2001

Radio Shack always makes me feel a bit greasy too, especially since they always (no matter how clean the store is) feel cluttered and dusty. And the sales associates tend to be the most bizarre people. ick.

Sheldon | 19 Mar 2001

Actually, my most scary experience at a mall was in Radio Shack. All of a sudden, big commotion near the checkout, the employee was grabbing onto this guy’s jacket. The guy tries to run, and they end up outside the the store, the employee with his hands around the guy’s throat banging his head against the floor. Security shows up, the guy was attempting to shoplift something. Anyways, Radio Shack employees in most stores I’ve been in seem to be overly suspicious and not too friendly toward their customers, as if they have pegged you a shoplifter from the start. And of course there is that terrible ritual of having to give them your full address, phone number, and details even if you just want to buy a couple AA batteries. No thanks.

Steve G | 19 Mar 2001