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Speaking of Canada…

Hit or Miss

Speaking of Canada…

I’m following Steve’s example and posting an audio entry about how I pronounce the name of the state I live in.

BTW, no matter what he thinks, Steve has a very sexy voice and his pronounciation of “aboot” drives me wild. In my audio clip I only sound slightly more butch than usual (which is not very) because I’m stopped up with a cold.

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It’s funny you mention practicing an English accent. I’ve been working on “militree” and “lit-chra-cha” (military and literature). I’ll have to remember necessree and secretree.

Chris | 10 Mar 2001

An interesting point observed in both your and Steve’s posts. Both of you (either in print or audio) make reference to the “butchness” of your voice (or lack thereof) Personally, I found both your voices very pleasant to listen to.

Isn’t it odd that I have the same issue…I hate the sound of my recorded voice. I often have to post audio status messages for our help desk clients, and this A-R* queen normally ends up re-recording 3 or 4 times to get it just right.

Be well…

*You need to ask? Anal-Retentive.

Mattee | 10 Mar 2001