Hit or Miss


AudioGalaxy.com. With Napster getting closer to biting the big one, I’ve been looking around at different *ahem* file sharing utilities. A friend recommended AudioGalaxy (AG) and I’m delighted to see that someone finally implemented the features I wanted to see in Napster (and it’s got such a cute logo). All searches are done through a web browser, while a small little helper program (the Satellite) handles uploads and downloads. AG tracks song titles and artists through a PHP/MySQL database setup — so files don’t have to be currently available online for you to search for them. When you find a song track that you want to download, you add it to your Satellite queue, which will download it for you if and when someone with that track logs on. And if your download is interrupted, it will automatically resume later. Here a review from ZDNet.

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There’s no Mac version of the Satellite… dammit! Uh, not that I ever use filesharing thingers, nosir.

Jason | 4 Mar 2001

There is a Linux version of the Satellite program though, which I’m really excited to see. The source code is available, so you could program your own Mac client if you wanted (and I bet somebody will soon).

Matt | 4 Mar 2001