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To do list:

Hit or Miss

To do list:

1. Learn how to freaking administer a linux server.

This is about the 3rd or 4th time that I’ve royally screwed up my server and had to wipe the drive clean and reinstall Linux again. Fortunately I managed to restore all my webpages and MySQL databases, but I lost all my email again. Living without my weblog for a few days didn’t kill me, but my staff of student advisors were unable to use all the nifty little scripts I’d written for them to send out duty logs, etc. I think I’ll be moving all those over to the university server…

Everytime I reinstall Linux, I do learn a little bit more about system administration (this time I learned that I should create separate patitions for /, /home, /var/, and /usr).

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I’m just testing this to see that people can still leave comments…

Matt | 28 Feb 2001

Yay! Go on with your bad self, Matt.

Bill | 28 Feb 2001

Matt –

Good luck getting Linux all up and running again. I made the same mistake, waxing my roommate’s computer only *hours* before he had to start a new job.

Future tip: Make sure that the CD-ROM you get comes with instructions. :*)

Jerry | 1 Mar 2001