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Quick and dirty meme.

Hit or Miss

Quick and dirty meme.

Following the example of others, I scanned in my driver’s license and a few other cards from my wallet so you can see how badly I take photos.

[my driver's license] Exhibit A: Missouri Driver’s License
I look like a freaking giraffe. And why can’t I smile?

[my faculty/staff id] Exhibit B: Truman State University Faculty/Staff ID
My head looks like it weighs 12 pounds and I’ve got the same exact smirk – the angle is the same and everything.

[my old IU id] Exhibit C: My old Indiana University ID
This photo is the only id photo I’ve ever liked – probably the reason I still carry it in my wallet. Somehow, as an entering grad student, I got the idea that I’d be dressing up for class everyday (hence the tie in the photo), but I quickly realized grad school (for me) was just like undergrad (tshirts and jeans).

Bonus images from my wallet: my business card and (side 1 of) my homemade Library of Congress classification card (old habits die hard).

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Pierre Vincent | 21 Oct 2003