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Singles day for Matt.

Hit or Miss

Singles day for Matt.

How did I spend my Valentine’s Day alone? Coding a new Recently Updated Gay Weblogs page and watching blaxploitation films with lesbian undertones.

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honey, in the original *cleopatra jones* (“ooh! she is ten miles of bad road!”), there ain’t no subtlety about it. shelly winters plays “mommy,” lesbian drug lord extraordinaire, who maintains a retinue of sweet young things to rub her feet. and to each one, she coos, “no one understands mommy like you do…”

esther rolle shows up, too, but her rugmunching habits aren’t discussed.

happy valentine’s day, matt. xoxo

richard | 15 Feb 2001

Hey Matt, how you doin’ that recent updates thingie? Cuz I’ve noticed that hit-or-miss.org isn’t showing up on Weblogs.com anymore. Or are you sending your own robot out?

Bill | 15 Feb 2001