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Phantom Moon

Hit or Miss

Phantom Moon

Phantom Moon. Duncan Sheik’s new album (consisting of songs from Spring Awakenings, the musical he’s co-writing with Steven Sater) will be released February 27th on one of my favorite labels, Nonesuch (who still don’t have anything but a placeholder webpage).

Some of the tracks have, predictably, found their way onto Napster. If you only know Duncan Sheik from his one big hit, Barely Breathing, you should check out his other material – especially his great second album, Humming.

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Matt, my understanding was that the new Duncan Sheik album had music from Sater’s play Umbrage. That’s from this article.

I suspect that Sheik can’t record his new stuff until the possibility of a cast album is exhausted. I seem to recall something like that when Bruce Kimmel tried to get a Wise Guys song for the Fynsworth Alley Sondheim album.

Bill | 12 Feb 2001

This is a phenominal
album. Tender and inspiring with beautiful melodies that soothe your ears and
soul into a very pleasing arrangement of songs. With each album, my skepticism
is proved invalid as he far exceeds expectations. Great job Duncan!

Joe Day | 27 Aug 2001