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Money is the root of all confusion.

Hit or Miss

Money is the root of all confusion.

I talked to my folks today and got badgered again by my father because I haven’t set up any kind of retirement fund yet. All that money stuff confuses me. I’m glad I get my apartment/utilities and meal plan for free with my job, so the only bill I ever have to pay is for my car insurance every 6 months. And I started paying back my student loan two months ago. Otherwise, all my money has been sitting in my savings account.

I asked a few people around on campus about those Roth IRA things, but they were as clueless as me. Someone said he heard you could set them up online. Anyone got any advice for me?

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Hey, Matt… Vis10n here. SmartMoney has some *great* primers on personal finance here. It used to be even easier to use… of course, there’s always their search engine. Beyond that, I have a good stock broker who’s specialty is retirement funding. Drop me an e-mail if you’d like to be hooked-up.

Vis10n | 28 Jan 2001