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The Mole

Hit or Miss

The Mole

The Mole. The problem with TiVo is that I always watch what it records several days later and then it seems pointless to write blog entries about what I’ve seen. That’s why I haven’t written anything about The Mole earlier.

I resisted all that Survivor crap this summer (though I admit I saw the last 2 episodes), but I’m absolutely drawn into The Mole. The idea that one of the contestants is a plant is very appealing to my love of mystery. Combine that with the exotic locales, secret missions, and cheesy spy music, and I’m fascinated by the show.

The American Mole is just the latest in a series of internation editions. Check out the last episode of the Belgian version for a description of the unveiling of their Mole. The site also has some great sound clips of the various countries’ cool theme music.

Didn’t see the first 3 episodes? Catch up via Mighty Big TV recaps.