Hit or Miss

Matt visits the doctor.

After fighting a reoccuring cough for 3 weeks, I finally broke down and visited a doctor today. Because Kirksville is the birthplace of Osteopathic Medicine, there is only one M.D. in town — everyone else is a D.O. (and I’m suspicious of all that manipulation stuff they do). Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment the same day I called.

He couldn’t really find anything wrong with me (even with me sitting in front of him, hacking up my lung tissue), so he placed me on 2 strong pills, a liquid for nighttime, and a nasal inhaler. In case that doesn’t work in 10 days, he gave me a backup prescription for a bronchial inhaler. Then he gave me a 5 minute lecture on the importance of regular exercise and safe sex (both of which I wish I had more of in my life).

So hopefully I’ll be back up to speed soon. I start teaching a Web Workshop at our campus library for the freshmen class on Monday. I’m terribly behind on reconciling the budget for my bulding. And I’ve got tons of reading to do for the Queer Theory class I’m taking this semester. And there’s always this website to worry about.

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Hey Matt, good luck with the queer theory class eh? I’m now back, part-time, in grad school and wading my way through a lot of the same poststructuralist quagmire. I hope you might share your impressions of the vast readings for the course with us all. If you can understand any of it, you’re a better man than I! 🙂


Queerscribe | 20 Jan 2001

That seems odd that he’d lecture you about safe sex for a simple cough.

Reese | 21 Jan 2001