Hit or Miss

What’s Matt been doing?

  1. coughing up a lung (I’ve been fighting a cold for the past 7 days).
  2. sinking up to my eyeballs in paperwork and endless tasks, getting my building reading to open for the semester.
  3. trying to get my server back up and running. Everytime I try to move my server, I end up screwing up the network configuration and then have some other random problem pop up that baffles me and consumes all my time and attention. This time, I hadn’t realized that one of my partitions had gotten full, which was keeping me from being able to receieve mail (even though that gets stored on another partition) and my server logs from updating. But every time I’ve had a problem I’ve eventually figured it out and learned new mad *nix skills (this time, I learned the power of “df -h”). It’s just a good thing that I don’t do this for a living and didn’t screw up a mission-critical server.