Hit or Miss

Tabletop fountains.

Back in November, our local Walmart started carrying Homedic tabletop fountains. Our dean of students has one in her office and it is very soothing. I wanted to get one for my apartment, but I decided to wait and see what I could find over break in Chattanooga. At every store I went to, they only sold the same brand of fountains — so, I figured I’d wait and just buy one when I returned to Kirksville. Of course, I went to the Walmart yesterday and they stopped selling them — driving me once again to shopping online to get what isn’t available in this retail vacuum I call home.

Rather than buying a finished product, I’m toying around with the idea of buying some kind of kit and build my own unique fountain. But then I stop and think about how hella-busy my January is going to be and I worry I’ll never get around to actually doing it.