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Hit-or-Miss.org on TV tonight

Hit or Miss

Hit-or-Miss.org on TV tonight

Hit-or-Miss.org on TV tonight. Color me surprised. I didn’t realize that my Netcam interview today for Internet Tonight was going to be broadcast tonight.

So if you have TechTV (which recently finished a nice redesign of their site) on your cable system, tune in tonight at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific (or catch the repeats tomorrow during the day).

Update: I justed taped my segment and it went fairly well. It’s tough to conduct an interview over the phone, without being able to see the hosts and trying to answer two different people at the same time — especially when one of the those people is as big a cut-up as Scott Herriott (too bad it wasn’t that dreamy Martin Sargent interviewing me).

Due to the short interview length, we only skimmed the surface of “weblogging” and didn’t really get into the gay content of my site, which is what caught the attention of the producer who set up the interview. But that’s okay. Hopefully I’ll get some new visitors and introduce a few people to the concept of ‘blogging.