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The Ewok Adventure

Hit or Miss

The Ewok Adventure

The Ewok Adventure. I was too young to have seen the Star Wars Holiday Special that people were reminiscing about on MeFi today, but I do vividly remember watching the Ewoks on TV.

What I remember most is that stereo sound on television was brand new, but few sets could recieve it. So, the network simulcast the soundtrack for The Ewok Adventure over FM radio. My dad had to move our whole component sound system over and set it on top of the TV so we could watch and listen to the movie in stereo.

I don’t remember much about the plot, but I do remember being fascinated as sounds traveled from one side of the room to the other.

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I used to watch The Ewok Adventure a lot when I was two, in fact we recorded the Ewoks because my parents thought I at 2 would find the Ewoks to be cute. Ever since I first saw that movie, the Gorax has been creeping me out even in my sleep. The Gorax is so visious, and ugly looking enough to where I’m using his image as a monster character in my first horror book “Dark Water: The Death Project.” I made the Gorax’s character in my book much more suspencing, and more furosious than the Ewok’s version. So check out the “Dark Water” series novel with Ewok’s Gorax, a Resident Evil, and Star Wars like theme starting in the fall of ’02. You’ll be glad to purchase these books.

Nathan Liotta | 11 Jul 2002