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Our First Albums

Our First Albums. (By the Ironminds staff)

My first LPs (and they were LPS) were the Partridge Family Album (that looked like a crazy red leather photo album) and a combo studio-cast album of The Wiz and Grease (with a yellow and black cover). How I would love to have that album today. I’ve tried to find a listing of it in various cast recording reference books without any luck.

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_ABBA: Greatest Hits Vol. 2_ (the one where they’re sitting on park benches, looking sad as the brown, newly-fallen leaves swirl around them–perhaps this was a subtle clue about the impending breakup of both relationships…sniff). I probably played and replayed “Knowing Me, Knowing You” (why would a 4-year-old with two happily-married parents be so fascinated by a song about divorce?) so many times that the vinyl became smooth as a baby’s bottom (or Agnetha’s porcelain skin).

Max | 2 Dec 2000

“The Oak Ridge Boys–Greatest Hits 2”. Don’t ask.

Chris H. | 2 Dec 2000