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Sad, Sad, Sad

Hit or Miss

Sad, Sad, Sad

Sad, Sad, Sad. I know I read too much into these things, but this looks to me like another gay teen suicide.

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It could be a lot of things, Matt. Okay, I’m gonna get a tad stereotypical, so don’t flip out: a lot of my friends that are into anime are not really part of the mainstream social circle that a lot of people in college may have. Maybe it was isolation. It could be a lot of things.

I dunno. Maybe you know something that I don’t know. Still, it’s a sad story nonetheless.

Ernie | 28 Nov 2000

Yeah, it could be any number of things, but it also fits the gay suicide pattern.

Diane Schwab said when she asked her son what he wanted for his 20th birthday, he took his time in replying. She said she was surprised when he asked for two season passes to the IU opera. His father, happy at the news Jason had a new girlfriend, joked with Jason that he wanted to know “who she was” before buying the passes.”

I’ve just been kind of down lately, so any suicide is sad to me. Especially this one, on a campus I know very well.

Matt | 28 Nov 2000