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Hit or Miss

I’ve been getting hate mail lately thanks to my post about the goofy country boy-band Marshall Dyllon. So I guess they have must 4 fans afterall.

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You let go of a rock, it falls. You say anything about any boy band other than how much you absolutely *LUV* them, you get hate mail. Use this lesson wisely, grasshopper.

Freakho | 22 Nov 2000

Just wanted to drop-by, and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Matt… God bless.

(and just so I don’t get accused of being atopical, I don’t mind the boy band phenomenon… I’m not too happy about them being marketed to pre-pubescent children, but that’s another discussion. Marshal Dyllon? I’ve not heard their music. Can’t be worse than BackStreet Boys).

Vis10n | 23 Nov 2000