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Hit or Miss

Ask Jeeves to appear as a balloon in the 2000 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I know that the balloons have always been giant commercials, but is this really necessary? I guess I’m just miffed that Pets.com went backrupt and that their spokespuppet didn’t become the first internet-mascot to appear as a balloon.

Do you think P. G. Wodehouse ever thought one of his characters would appear in the Macy’s parade?

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I believe Jeeves was in the parade last year, as well.

Mark | 21 Nov 2000

According to the press release, he was just on a float last year. This year is his debut as a balloon.

Matt | 21 Nov 2000

actually, if macy’s is going to go down the british-comedy-of-manners road, i’d rather see 5-story balloons of mapp and lucia (from the e.f. benson novels) modeled after prunella scales and geraldine mcewan, respectively. much more interesting than predictable old jeeves any day…

richard | 22 Nov 2000