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In which Matt feels like an asshole.

Hit or Miss

In which Matt feels like an asshole.

Ever since I returned from my conference, I’ve been trying to balance my work and personal life. I’ve cut back on the number of hours I spend in my office and I’ve been getting out of the building to relax.

So why do I feel like such an asshole?

This weekend, I’ve probably told 3 or 4 people who wandered into my open apartment doorway that they would need to come see me in my office Monday instead of spilling their guts then and there about why they need to move to such and such room next semester. I had to be a little forceful and remind them that my hours were posted on my office door.

I guess I tried to be “super hall director” for too long this semester and now I’m disappointing people by not dropping everything to respond to every problem. It’s also been a matter lately of encountering situations that I don’t really have much control over — I hate to tell my students that there isn’t anything I can do, but in a lot of cases there really isn’t.

We’ve dealt with some tough issues, including the death of a resident. It’s really been challenging my skills, and I’m getting a little burnt out. So if I’m being snippy to residents (and I don’t think I am), I don’t know what I can do to change things.

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Aah, the joys of balancing work with self-care. Those of us in “helping professions” where we have to deal with other people’s problems seem all too prone to burnout. Don’t feel like an asshole…just try to remember that, if you don’t take time for yourself, you won’t be able to help anyone else. Easier said than done, no?

Chris | 20 Nov 2000