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Hit or Miss

I think I am in a walking state of shock. I can’t concentrate. I missed a meeting. I am surprisingly devoid of much emotion.

Has anyone else been this affected by the election? Or I am just being silly? I was all set for my months of worrying to be over with on Wednesday morning – one way or the other. But now we’re all just left hanging on. Which way will it go? What type of psychological toll will this take on the American public?

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Buck up, camper! No matter who wins, it’s only 4 years. What we really need to be worried about is making a mockery of the process. I voted for Nader, so I could care less… but with everyone suing and protesting, no one seems to be giving the Constitution much thought.

Vis10n | 9 Nov 2000

Matt – Try living in Florida while all this election bs is going on! Yeah, it is a mess and I am afraid that it is going to be a very difficult 4 years for everyone, no matter who gets into office. It is very unsettling to think of the conflicts that lie ahead.

Jennifer | 22 Nov 2000