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Hit or Miss

Could this election be more of a cock-tease? I can’t go to sleep. After jumping in bed, sobbing because Bush had been declared the winner of the election, I decided to watch the concession speeches.

Oops. No concession speeches.

I spent the night at a faculty/staff mixer, arguing that the focus on Florida as the linchpin was completely arbitrary because they were just taking too damn long to count their votes. Looks like I was wrong.

I’m so on pins and needles that I can’t celebrate Hillary Clinton and Mel Carnahan‘s victories.

After surmising that Bush would win the popular vote but lose the electoral college, who would have thought it would go the other way?

And so if Gore does indeed win the popular vote, and the electoral college vote is close, and there are some states where those sent to vote in the electoral college ARE NOT legally bound to vote as a block for their state and instead swing to Gore, could Gore still win?

Too many questions!

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Okay, this is not about the election (I voted for Nader), but about the new design: Like it, but the contrast on the text is way high… any chance you’d tone it down? My suggestion would be to change the text to CCCCCC.

Lowering the extreme contrast will make it much easier to read. Also, I hope the new design will be propogated throughout the site. =)

Vis10n | 8 Nov 2000

And I’d just like to vote for the exact opposite. The higher contrast makes it easier for me to read. Gray-on-black is harder to read, for the same reason you wouldn’t think of using gray-on-white. My 2¢.

Freakho | 8 Nov 2000

We’re not talking about Gray/Black as much we’re talking about Off-White/Black. It reduces glare (especially on my Mac monitor which tends to be very bright). Even the one shade difference that Matt just inacted is enough to have reduced glare for me.

Glare is an issue in reading… especially online when the text is ever really stationary but is constantly (albeit rapidly) flickering.

Check out the Plain Language resources for readability design.

Vis10n | 9 Nov 2000