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Do your duty.

Hit or Miss

Do your duty.

Get out there and vote.

I walked across the street to the union building (my polling spot) this morning and felt like I was stepping back into the 1950s or something. To vote, I had to step up to a little booth and insert a blue card into this contraption. Then, I had to take a little pin and punch holes in the card to record my votes. I voted straight-ticket Democrat and was horribly paranoid that I had lined my card up wrong and had casted all my votes for the Republicans. Then I had to actually put the ballot into the box myself.

It just seemed so old-fashioned. Back in Alabama we used #2 pencils and scantron forms (which seemed so 1980s). At least I didn’t have to use one of those booths where you pull the handles.

And I didn’t notice that any of the booths were lowered so that a person in a wheel could use them

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I just sent one of my library staffers on a 15 minute trip to go vote (I’m pretty positive he’s leaning towards Gore.) The kid’s 19 and was going to pass up his first presidential election! MN has some state law requiring employers to give time off for voting. We’re busy tonight but I’d rather have the kid off doing his duty…

Chad | 7 Nov 2000

Ha! Punchcards have been the rule in Illinois for I don’t know how long. You can’t tell if the punch went through or not without difficulty (peering reeeeaaally closely into the hole, or pulling the card out), and I get the same “did I punch the right one?” paranoia.

Jason | 7 Nov 2000