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Carnahan (Jean) for Senate

Hit or Miss

Carnahan (Jean) for Senate

Carnahan (Jean) for Senate. Here in Missouri, we’re closely watching the race between Ashcroft and Carnahan for senator, which has suposedly been one of the ugliest campaigns slugouts that Missouri has ever seen. Gov. Mel Carnahan died in a plane crash a few weeks ago, too close to election day for his name to be removed from the ballot, so the acting Governor has declared that if Carnahan wins the election, he will appoint his widow, Jean, to the position.

Now, Jean has actually started campaigning for the position — appearing in a number of television spots. And (I can’t find anything about it online, but I’ve recieved numerous emails from the college democrats), there is an insidious phone call campaign going on around the state, urging people to write-in Jean Carnahan as a their vote. Problem is, those votes would divide the vote (and write-in votes are supposedly not even counted), and Ashcroft would win. The state republican party is suspected to be behind it (kind of how like the national republican party is suspected of doing some campaigning for Nader to draw votes away from Gore).

God I hate politics. But the thought of a republican president and congress is even more troubling to me.