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Je suis retourné.

Hit or Miss

Je suis retourné.

I have returned from my UMR ACUHO conference rested, relaxed, and recharged (and I have finally caught up on all the tv I missed thanks to my TiVo). Obligatory boring vacation photos are here (the highlight of the trip was a fabulous meal at the Ohana Japanese Steakhouse).

The paradox of this kind of conference is that I went to workshops which both exhorted me to set boundries on my job as a hall director so that I can retain a personal life AND encouraged me to alter the ways I supervise and advise students (guaranteeing I’ll spend more hours on the job). Which will win out? Well, suffice to say I spent 4 hours in my office today on a Saturday afternoon trying to catch up with the budget. Go figure.

I did have to make a tough spur-of-the-moment decision at the conference — I was encouraged to apply for the Media and Technology committee, which requires a year-long committment through the next conference (Novemeber 2001). Yep. That means I’ll be staying in Kirkville for another year if I get on the committee.

It won’t be too bad. Things are starting to quiet down with my job. I’m meeting some nice people across campus. I’m starting to get those intrinsic rewards out of helping students. I just wish I that was sure I am personally happy here.