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Daylight Savings Excitement!

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Daylight Savings Excitement!

Daylight Savings Excitement! I’m so excited that when I wake up in the morning, I’ll have gotten an extra hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings time (which ends tonight at 2am). This is the first one I’ve gotten to celebrate in 7 years, because I used to live in Indiana which stays at the same time all year long.

Calling my parents was endlessly confusing during my stay in Indiana, because they moved from the Central to Eastern and back again to Central time zone in the span of 3 years. I never knew if they’d still be awake at night or not.

It’d be a whole lot easier if the entire country abandoned daylight savings time and stayed at the same time all year round — there’s a petition you can sign if you agree.

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Amen, my brother. But think how cheated all of those coders will feel when their painstakingly written automatic-rollover functions aren’t needed anymore. It would be a jobs program for COBOL hackers a thousand times the scale of Y2K. Isn’t it built into languages these days, too? What a headache. All because somebody managed to confuse some congressmen with statistics a long time ago. Now times have changed, and congresspersons haven’t.

Jason (freakho) | 29 Oct 2000