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Abe Benrubi

Abe Benrubi. Watching Dark Angel tonight, I spied one of my favorite character actors, Abe Benrubi (who got his start on a favorite TV show from the past, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose). He was playing a gay man, which prompted all sorts of hopeful bear fantasies on my part; but unfortunately, it turns out he has (had) a girlfriend. Also, turns out he was born in Bloomington, IN (where I went to grad school).

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You know, I remember Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, but I never really watched it. But this guy also played a gay man on Wings. Just another example of a straight man who isn’t afraid to “act”.

jay | 20 Oct 2000

The key word there is *had.* There’s still hope 🙂

Larry Wilson | 30 Nov 2000

The key word there is *had.* There's still hope 🙂

Larry Wilson | 4 Nov 2009