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Looking for a digital camera…

Hit or Miss

Looking for a digital camera…

I’ve used Sony Mavicas several times before and I really liked being able to save photos on a floppy disk, but the cameras were just too big to lug around all the time.

After doing a little research, I’m considering buying a Kodak DC215 or a Olympus D-360L. I want to spend around $300. Any recommendations?

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I’ve had pretty good experiences with my Olympus, the only problem is that (as of when I got it ~ december) it only had a serial port connection. Compared to USB photo downloads, it’s terrible.

And the UI of the controls is bad. Fine once you learn it, but nowhere near as obvious as the Kodak. That being said, the picture quality is better than the Kodak.

Anil Dash | 16 Oct 2000