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Hit or Miss

I should not be let loose with .htaccess files. I discovered last night that a lot of people couldn’t access hit-or-miss.org – it keep bouncing them to matthewkingston.com instead. I just figured out why and I’m really embarrassed by how silly the problem was (just like I was embarrassed to find out that the root of my problems the other day after reinstalling my server was a simple file permisson that hadn’t been set).

Anyway, I think everything is fixed now. Just in time for me to use my 3 day weekend to completely rewrite my blog scripts!

I really want to streamline the look of my site, so I’m thinking of getting rid of the HIT or MISS rankings for each post (I’d still leave the comment function). Would anyone really miss being able to rank posts as a hit or miss? It doesn’t really get used all that often and it’s been tough to incorporate all that text after each post into each new redesign.

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I think the “hit/miss” indicators could certainly go without being missed. The comments feature is very good to have, though. It was making me crazy yesterday, getting bounced to mk.com rather than hit-or-miss. I’m glad it’s corrected so I can get my daily “fix” of your weblog.

Sherrie Williams | 13 Oct 2000

The comment functionality is a HIT… the HIT or MISS, is not. If it’ll give you more freedom to improve the site, drop it.

PS… Glad to see the site again. That nasty redirect was not enjoyable.

Vis10n | 13 Oct 2000