Hit or Miss


It’s now 9:20 or so. I.E. past the time the water was supposed to come back on. The workman are still out back with backhoes and pickaxes. But now they also have huge spotlights set up up so they can continue working through the night in the dark. We’ve arranged for our residents to take showers in the Student Rec Center (I’m not so gung-ho on group showers, so I think I’ll just wait). We’ve got drinking water coolers set up in the lobby. There’s nothing more I can really do as hall director now but just wait.

But things are looking up. The Brad emailed me and wrote that the TiVo he won arrived today and it’s the 30 hour model instead of the 14 hour one. I figure it takes packages 1 more day to reach Kirksville than St. Louis, so I hope to get my TiVo in the next day or two.