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Perfume-Free dryer sheets?

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Perfume-Free dryer sheets?

I started using perfume & dye-free laundry detergents about 5 years ago because my skin started getting senstive. Unfortunately, I can’t find my favorite brand here in Kirksville (Arm & Hammer FabriCare Perfume & Dye Free), so I’ve been making due with Cheer Free.

But I defeat my efforts everytime I use dryer sheets, which are infused with perfumes. Are there any perfume-free dryer sheets or static-reducing alternatives out there?

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Yes indeed…Bounce makes a perfume- and dye-free product, creatively named “Bounce Free”. It works as well as the alternatives, without making your clothes smell to high heaven.

Chris | 1 Oct 2000

Here they are:

brian | 2 Oct 2000

Even scent free dryer sheets are dangerous as they contain various toxic ingredients (see http://www.greatestherbsonearth.com/articles/dryer_sheets.htm). They also leave a coating on fabrics which reduces their absorbency (especially towels and fleece). An alternative is a new product called Static Eliminator which does the job without any chemicals. Go to eco-source.com or staticelimator.ca for more details.

Michael | 7 Sep 2003