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All is forgiven…

Hit or Miss

All is forgiven…

Last night I entered the TiVo Giveaway again, and this time I won. I guess “humor” is what they’re looking for, because I basically just rewrote my first entry as a cheesy little story — also, the first entry outlined the reasons I wanted a TiVo instead of demonstrating why I needed one. Or maybe I just caught them on a bad day, since everyone else who’s entered has won.

It was another typical night in the Freshmen Dorm. The stereos were jamming, the televisions were blaring, and Hall Director Matt Kingston was just getting home from his weekly staff meeting.

Matt turned on his television and settled in for a relaxing evening. But he was soon perplexed — a new television season had started and he didn’t know anything about the new shows on that night. Fortunately, Matt had a TiVO digital recorder, so he flipped on the TiVo SUGGESTION feature, and found a new show that matched up with his preprogrammed tastes.

Just as he was starting to enjoy the show, Matt’s phone rang. There was a student on the roof threatening to jump! Up in a flash, Matt pressed “pause” on his TiVo remote control. Thanks to the Tivo TRICKPLAY feature, he would be able to start watching where he had left off when he got home.

Matt ran and joined the crowd forming in front of the building. “Why are you going to jump?” he shouted up to the crying young woman.

“My favorite TV show changed time slots and my stupid VCR recorded the wrong show!” she sobbed.

“That’s nothing to get upset about.” replied Matt. “If you buy a TiVo digital recorder, you’ll be able to use the SEASON PASS feature — Your TiVo will automatically record the show every week, no matter how often it changes days or time!”

A crisis solved! All with the help of the TiVo digital recorder!